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2019-2022: UX interim at the international mail order company

How we established UX research at KLiNGEL

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Quantitative surveys

Testing & interview hours

“Userlutions has been a huge support in building our UX research department! We benefited from the knowledge and best practices of the entire agency.”

Nina Ehrenberg
SVP Digital Product Management

UX outsourcing that feels like in-house power

Precise project management, seamless team integration and targeted user research

As a UX interim, we were an integral part of the team
We filled a full-time position with two UX researchers and supported KLiNGEL with dozens of projects a year, e.g. continuous surveys, quantitative and qualitative research, usability testing and UX workshops. Why two UX researchers at once? Thanks to the sparring principle, we guaranteed high quality and ensured continuous support even in the event of illness or vacation.

We have established UX research structures
We created processes with which user research could be regularly integrated into development, defined guidelines for documentation, introduced new tools and methods and set up a UX lab.

We helped with the recruitment and training of the successor
The aim of the collaboration was to fill our interim position with a permanent position. We supported KLiNGEL in the recruitment process, defined the job profile with the relevant skills, knowledge and experience and made a hiring recommendation. We also took over the handover and familiarization with the existing UX research knowledge and processes.

This is how UX enabling works. Cross-departmental.

At KLiNGEL, we worked closely with a wide variety of departments:

  • Data-driven hypothesis generation: Together with the data scientists and tracking specialists, we developed hypotheses and tested solutions.
  • Security for product management: We supported the product owners and web designers with UX research and the derivation of implications for the concept.
  • Involvement of all stakeholders: When developing new functions, we worked closely with the UX designers, product owners and stakeholders from the back office, purchasing, marketing, customer care and logistics.
  • UX database: As a connection between the various departments, we were an important point of contact for all UX data and findings.

Userlutions as a UX researcher, recruiter, coach and process manager

As a UX interim, we filled various roles at KLiNGEL:

UX research
Method selection, research design, recruiting, conducting qualitative and quantitative user research (lab tests, remote tests, UX monitoring…)

Support with the employee recruitment process, trials, recruitment recommendation, training

UX training
Employee training, knowledge database for previous results, best practices, methodological knowledge, induction, tools…

Process management
Development of UX research structures, e.g. integration of research into existing processes, documentation, introduction of new tools & methods

UX-Interim: How KLiNGEL benefited from the condensed knowledge of an entire UX agency

The two interim UX experts were able to draw on the knowledge and best practices of the entire Userlutions UX team. For example, specialists from the agency’s entire range of services, such as our UX designers or product managers, were brought in as required.

Some of the methods we regularly use at KLiNGEL:

We used quantitative online surveys to gather findings on specific features/issues and conducted a continuous satisfaction survey.

Qualitative interviews helped us to delve deeper into the target group requirements and to better understand the requirements of old and new target groups.

Every two weeks, we carried out usability tests on the new developments to verify our hypotheses and optimizations.

Project conclusion: Independent in-house UX research at KLiNGEL

Our role as UX interim ended with the complete handover of the researchprocesses, tools and documentation to the newly hired UX researcher. Since then, UX research has been taken over and further developed by the in-house team without any problems and the development of the UX research department has continued successfully.

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