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The market leader for fast, high-quality, and cost-effective
crowdsourced usability testing with over 250,000 tests.

Why crowdsourced usability testing from RapidUsertests?

Identify the reasons behind low-performance indicators

Do many of your users bounce before booking and you don’t know why? Are you unhappy with your conversion rate? Do you have the feeling that many of your users don’t understand your offer or find it hard to navigate?

Unsatisfactory KPIs can be the result of poor usability. With regular usability tests, you can identify where exactly the problems are and how they can be solved.

RapidUsertests allow you to conduct usability tests quickly, continuously, and cost-effectively.

Since crowdsourced usability testing can be set up and evaluated quickly, it can easily be integrated into agile development processes on a long-term basis.

Our usability experts support you during the implementation and evaluation. This way you save time and achieve the most insightful results.

The tests take place at the testers’ homes
in a familiar environment

Mann mit Smartphone - Remote-Usability-Tests bei Ihrer Zielgruppe zu Hause

What is crowdsourced usability testing?

Get feedback from users within your target group

Crowdsourced usability testing does not take place in the artificial environment of a usability lab, but with normal Internet users at home. They work on tasks on your website or app online.

Crowdsourced usability testing with RapidUsertests

  • 30,000 testers across Germany
  • International tests are also possible
  • Results are available on video
  • This way you can see all usability problems
  • With virtual eye tracking
  • Extensive tests for the entire customer journey
  • Short 3-minute tests for individual features or designs

Not only can you test your website or app with RapidUsertests, but also perform competitor tests, newsletter tests and advertising effectiveness tests, conduct customer journey analyses, test internationally, and much more. Crowdsourced testing is particularly well suited for continuous integration into agile product development because it’s efficient and easy to perform.

If desired, our UX experts will support you
in evaluating the RapidUsertests.

Zwei Usability-Experten werten Remote-Usability-Test aus

What is the result?

Detailed usability analysis by experienced usability experts

The results of the RapidUsertests are so-called Think Aloud videos, which allow you to see the usability problems of your users and let you identify optimization measures. On the right, you can watch a summary of these result videos.

Our usability experts will gladly take over the video analysis for you. Then you receive:

  • A detailed usability analysis in a clear and structured PowerPoint presentation with screenshots and explanations
  • Individual optimization recommendations to increase usability and conversion rates
  • A prioritized recommendation checklist for day-to-day operations
  • A 2-hour telephone presentation with a joint discussion of the results
  • A personal contact person who will guide you through the project
  • We can also support you in the conception of the optimizations, be it selectively or for entire pages.

Watch some of our result videos below

RapidUsertests Tester

The benefits of crowdsourced usability testing

  • Discover conversion opportunities and increase sales
  • Solve internal discussions and make informed decisions on how to proceed
  • Reduce operational blindness
  • Efficient and agile: less expensive and faster than lab tests
  • Realistic: Test at home and across geographical areas
  • Save time: We do the work for you
  • Multi-device tests on all types of devices and systems
  • High target group availability

Receive feedback from your target group

Mann mit Tablet - Remote-Usability-Tests mit Ihrer Zielgruppe

Constructive and personal support

“I was pleasantly surprised by the user feedback and I would not have expected this before. The testers give so much useful criticism. Thanks to the constructive and personal support from the Userlutions consultants, the expert evaluation of the RapidUser tests really convinced me.”

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