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User Research

Identify the needs, motivations, and challenges of your target group

Why user research?

Minimize investment risks by knowing your target group

User research allows you to gain a better understanding of your users. Knowing your target group is especially useful in two situations:

  • You would like to develop a new product and get to know the needs and requirements of your target group.
  • You wish to further develop the product and marketing strategy of your existing product.

User research helps you reduce uncertainties about the needs and circumstances of your target group and ensure that your product is well received by your users.

User Research mit der Zielgruppe

You can develop the right product for your target group
through user research

What is user research?

Decision-making tool for product alignment

The greater the added value for the user, the more successful the product will be. But how do you know the greatest added value?

To design your product specifically for the requirements of your user groups, we conduct user research.

Even before product development, we use qualitative user research to uncover the central needs, motivations, and doubts of your target group and use these to derive the added value of the product, personas, scenarios, and requirements.
We validate the findings in quantitative user research.

User-Research mit UX-Experten

Our UX experts analyze the usage requirements

What is the result?

Product strategy certainty

User research provides you with:

  • Answers to your questions about the requirements, needs, and challenges of your users
  • Long-lasting insights to help you plan your future strategy
  • Basic insights on how you should strategically develop and communicate your product

User research enables you to:

  • Tap into new customer segments and understand their special characteristics
  • Offer new products to existing customers and better understand their needs
  • Develop a new positioning in marketing communication and hit the mark with your target group
  • Reactivate inactive customers
  • Reduce uncertainties about the needs and circumstances of your target group and ensure that your product is well received by your users
User-Research für Innovationen

Your innovative product becomes successful through user research

How you benefit from user research:

  • Innovation risks are minimized because development is close to the needs of the market
  • Established individual opinions are examined and validated
  • Evaluation & understanding of potentially innovative ideas
  • Understanding the requirements of the target group
  • Simple prioritization of next steps (according to their expected benefits)
  • Enable the derivation of a product and marketing strategy
  • Clear alignment of all parties involved to the needs of their target group
  • Reasons for non-use can be eliminated

Satisfied customers like Siemens

To validate our new digital business model, we were looking for a competent partner. Userlutions supported us from the beginning with user research. I was especially impressed by the methodical approach. The collaboration was incredibly productive and the whole team enjoyed it. We now understand the needs of our customers much better and can optimally develop our cloud platform. Finally, we can be confident that our business model will be successful! The user research with Userlutions was exactly what we were looking for.”

Dominik Dreyer von Universal macht User-Research

Frank Konopka, Service Line Manager for PCS,

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