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Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions are binding in the currently valid version.

Revision date: 05.08.2021

1. Confidentiality
Userlutions assures the client that it will handle all information, data and documents provided within the scope of common projects confidentially. Every employee who gains insight from the project data is obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality towards Userlutions The number of employees who have access to project information is kept to a necessary minimum. All PC’s are secured via passwords and can only be used by authorized employees. Userlutions is entitled to utilize a partner contractor to fulfill the client’s order.

2. Liability
Userlutions is liable as consequence of culpable violation of fundamental contractual obligations up to the amount of the respective contract value according to the goods on own account. Liability for lost profits and other consequential damages is excluded.

3. Travel Costs
Unless otherwise specified, travel costs will be charged separately. When occurring, travel time will be charged with a lower hourly rate (50 EUR (net)). Costs for an overnight stay will agreed on with the client and borne by the client. The hotel can be recommended by the client.

4. VAT
All prices are in EUR and exclude the legal VAT of 19%

5. Terms of Payment
The total bill including the mandatory value added tax (VAT) must be paid by the client within 14 days from receiving the invoice of the consignee without any discounts mentioned. Clients will receive invoices by email with the 14 days specified in the invoice.

6. Collaboration of the clients
To guarantee punctual delivery to our clients, the same clients must respect the timing that is agreed on together. If the client delays providing necessary materials with less than 5 days’ prior notice, Userlutions may antedate another project from another client and postpone the late client’s project. Alternatively, if the client prefers, it can pay a fee of 390€ per day of delay to maintain the respective project time blocked for the respective client.

7. References
Unless otherwise stated, the Userlutions client allows the use of its company name and logo as a reference upon project completion.

8. Validity of the offer
The offer presented is valid for 30 days. Orders that are issued after this date require a revised offer. The offer is valid pending the availability of human resources for the desired project start date.

Legal Terms RapidUsertest
Furthermore the terms and conditions of RapidUsertests apply:

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