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Interface optimization in just one week brings 40% increase in conversion

Userlutions designs new pricing page for the online TV provider ‘Magine TV’

The challenge:
Self-service rapid user test reveals unused conversion potential

Surely the conversion rate is one of the most important key figures for you too?

Then you are similar to Magine TV, one of the leading providers of IPTV solutions. If you offer Software-as-a-Service yourself, you will also be aware of the strategic importance of the pricing overview. But what if the pricing page converts poorly?

To detect hidden potentials, Magine TV launched a crowd usability test with RapidUsertests.

The test revealed major conversion hurdles, and the conversion rate’s high importance created a great urgency to implement optimizations on the site.

The UX experts from Userlutions were hired to improve usability and conversion quickly.

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Facts about the project

Customer Magine TV
Product Website, SaaS
Duration 1 week
Method Self-service rapid user tests + UX prototyping
Result 40% increase in conversion
Magine TV Concept Case Study

The process: development of a click prototype in just one week

Crowd usability tests as a basis
of the prototype

From the results of Magine TV’s self-service RapidUsertests, the UX experts at Userlutions identified the biggest conversion killers. Based on these findings, they designed a prototype of the optimized pricing page within a week.

The prototype was optimized and implemented in several iteration loops with Magine. The processes on both sides interlocked perfectly so that the new price overview could go live within just three weeks.

more about prototyping

Magine TV evaluated the usability tests and Userlutions created the prototype of the optimized site

UX experts are designing a prototype of the pricing page

The findings: Many users did not understand the pricing structure

Conversion potentials remain untapped

The usability test evaluated by Magine TV itself produced some revealing findings, from which our consultants were able to derive the necessary optimizations.


before Optimization
Option to book additional packages is not understood Several additional packages are presented
Lack of possibility to compare the packages List of what the individual packages contain
No elements that give the user confidence Frequently asked questions and reasons for using Magine
No clear delimitation of the packages Clear differentiation and recommendation for the best package

These were the weaknesses of the old pricing page

For these reasons, the new concept was necessary

The result: prototype of the new pricing page solves the UX problems

The optimized pricing page increases the conversion rate by 40%

The result of the project was an interactive prototype of the new price overview. When creating the prototype, the UX experts incorporated findings from sales and conversion psychology as well as from previous projects.

After implementation, the conversion rate of the recommended package increased by 40%, which means a huge increase in sales.

How can the results now be used?

  • Development can program the optimizations from the prototype directly.
  • The optimizations are precise, user-friendly and tailor-made.
  • This significantly increases the user-friendliness of the optimized product.

The new pricing page was created with this prototype
(Pull me)

Conclusion: Design by UX experts based on test insights delivers efficient and pragmatic UX optimization

  • Fast and high-quality result: Thanks to intensive cooperation between Magine TV and Userlutions and the preliminary work with RapidUsertests, the new price overview was launched within just three weeks.
  • Pragmatic approach: The user-friendly, comprehensible, clear and conversion-optimized prototype of the new site designed by Userlutions was passed directly to development.
  • Adaptation to internal processes: The necessary iteration loops were adapted to fit Magine TV’s development processes. The expert concept was therefore the ideal building block for Magine to optimize its pricing page.

What the customer says: Amazingly fast implementation and great effect

“I was totally impressed by how quickly and easily the project was completed. And the 40% increase in the conversion rate speaks for the high quality of the result. The pragmatic approach of Userlutions convinced me!”

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Steffen Schierloh, Head of Marketing Germany,
Magine TV


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