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User Research in Germany, Netherlands & Spain

Helping Emply Discover Product-Market Fit in 3 Countries

UX Services:

  • User Research
  • User Interviews
  • International
  • Product-Market Fit Analysis
  • Business Model Validation

“We’ve used Userlutions’ services on several user research projects to gain valuable insights. Their product-market fit analysis gave us useful information to help us make informed decisions and take the next steps.”

Inger Østergaard Lilja
Chief Marketing Officer
Lessor / Emply

Emply Discovers the Most-Wanted HR Features for Small and Medium Businesses

Emply is an HR platform that simplifies complicated HR processes for medium-sized and large businesses. In the project presented here, the company set out to research the product-market fit for small businesses, testing a slimmed-down version of the software platform.

Analyzing the product-market fit required impartiality to avoid subconscious leading of interviewees in a particular direction, which is why Emply hired us to conduct the interviews.

We conducted qualitative interviews with 8 HR professionals each in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain to learn more abouttheir user needs, determine which features the target audience really needs as well as their respective requirements.

The German HR professionals were interviewed in German and the Dutch were interviewed in English. The Spanish were interviewed by a Spanish interviewer and translated by a simultaneous translator via Zoom.

Explore and Validate Country-Specific Needs and Requirements


The goals of the interviews included:

  • Gather user insights across the three markets to identify the product-market fit
  • Discover country-specific needs and requirements of a HR software
  • Validate whether features identified in previous user research as important for the German market are also significant for the Netherlands and Spain.

From Recruiting Participants to Detailed Report – Our Project Manager Took Care of Everything

Our project manager took care of everything: Recruiting the subjects, organizing the translation and foreign language moderation, conducting the interviews, analysis and a report that shows the result per country as well as compares findings across the three countries.


We used our international partner panels to find participants that fitted the target group.

Conducting Interviews

The German and Dutch interviews we conducted ourselves. The Spanish interviews we attended live and used a simultaneous translator.


For Spain, we worked with a Spanish interviewer and a simultaneous translator from our international partner network.


After all interviews were finished, we analyzed and compared the collected data to find similarities and differences between the countries and industries.


Our detailed report presented all the results in a clear and comprehensive manner. We made sure to highlight the differences and similarities between the three countries.

Investigating Different Digital HR Practices Across European Nations

To visualize some of the questions we showed a prototype to the participants, but they did not explore it independently.

We interviewed people from different industries such as the restaurant, healthcare, and event industries.

Clear instructions for the Spanish interviewer were required to ensure matching interview styles and objectives.

Detailed Report That Highlights Differences Between the Three Countries

Some Insights we could discover in the interviews:

  • Time tracking was a deal breaker for the Spanish market and also important in Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Data protection was more crucial in Germany than in the other two countries.
  • The chat feature, which allows the HR manager to chat with employees, and employees with supervisors, received mixed responses. Some found it unnecessary, while others liked the idea.

While the research could not yet determine which market the Emply team should be focusing on, the results still helped to make some detailed decisions and for defining the next steps. Some questions could be answered, and some hypotheses were confirmed, while new ones arose as well. The research was a step in the right direction and provided information that Emply can use going forward to develop a successful product.

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